This is a list of Muds with whom Fatal Dimensions has special working relationships, primarily the sharing of ideas regarding code, building, etc. We are added a live communication between the Muds, but it is only available for immortals at the moment.

  • Currently we have no active sister muds.

Other Muds interested in participating in a sisterhood with Fatal Dimensions should email the council for more information.

Old Sistermuds

Yerth Banner

  • Yerth is a ROM 2.4 based MUD, which doesn’t seem to be running anymore.
  • Evil Intentions. It is not open for public yet. And Aerik said it was okay to add it’s link to this homepage. I can’t connect to this one anymore. (snif)
  • Realms of Frustration. This mud runned on: 4000, but isn’t alive anymore. But I will keep it here for a while.